Our Voyage to Morocco

Was earthly and exquisite

In mid-October of 2019

With 24 guests, we had an incredible visit

We arrived to Marrakesh, our first destination

The very famous la Mamounia Hotel

Laden with intricate architecture

And their euphoric signature smell

Upon our arrival,

We were offered almond milk & dates

Served in pretty glasses

And on small hand painted plates

That evening we visited Jemaa El Fna

Full of new sounds and sights

With each breath taking the madness

In with all its delights

The market place was alive

Men with their snakes and flutes

Some dancing to their beat

And some selling vibrant fruits

Hiking Ourika Valley

On a perfectly sunny day

Followed by a traditional tagine dinner

Served in pots made of clay

Off to the Atlas Mountains,

On a long and winding road

Until we finally arrived

To Richard Bransons abode

We visited his mother’s foundation,

Handmade clothing and works of art

Women working and laughing

Creating from their heart

Goodbye to the mountains

And hello to the desert

As we drove down to Ourzazate

To prepare for our journey through the Sahara

Traditional Berber outfits were bought

Our arrival in the dessert was surreal

Away from the modern traffic

Crossing the dunes by camel

A sight out of National Geographic

The sky ablaze in warm colours

The prayer calls across the land

Feeling the wind in your hair

And your toes in the sand

Sand surfing & star gazing

Close your eyes and you will find

You’re only able to smile, perhaps for a while

And all troubles disappear from your mind

On our way to Meknes

We stopped for some dates

Climbing up the date palms

To ensure we got local rates

Château Roslane was beautiful

Though the weather was rainy and cool

Surrounded by vineyards and olives

With a beautiful view and a pool

Tasting of wines and olive oils

It was truly a tasting mania

Then we hiked Volubilis

The ancient capital of Mauritania

Chefchaouen was so beautiful

A watercolour dream in the Riff mountains

Hues of blues and colours alike

With wooden doors and marble fountains

Our last destination was Fes

Absolutely a highlight of our trip

When travelling to Morocco

This place you surely should not skip

Souks filled with shopkeepers

All senses fill with pleasure

The amount of culture and tradition

Is one you cannot measure

Fascinating Tanneries & silks

Stunning Mosaics & copper

This place will bring out the wallet

In even the least of a shopper

Morocco was a breathtaking experience

It will leave you speechless long after you’re

With a new sense of gratitude found

Thank you and Shukran