There is a secret ingredient everywhere you go, something that links us all. The very earth you walk on has so much to offer. We invite you to enjoy the colourful taste of life in all its forms, off the beaten track, in a journey led by health, culture, adventure, and nature.

meaning of seventree

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The concept of seventree stems from our roots in wellbeing. Our logo, the timeless archway, represents entering a new phase of life, such as the way of metamorphosis; one that is good-spirited, and open-minded.

In analyzing the foundations of seventree; we observe it in a multitude of ways.

seven –

Seven seas, seven wonders of the world, seven days of the week, seven continents, seven colours of the rainbow, etc.

Biblically, seven symbolizes the perfect unity of the four corners of the Earth with the Holy Trinity.

Seven in numerology represents truth.

three or tree –

An all-encompassing number.

three stages of time; past, present, future / birth, life, death / beginning, middle, end.

Biblically, three symbolizes harmonious completion.

Three in numerology represents spirit.

Representing the Tree of Life.

Nature and wellbeing being our root system and DNA. Reflected in all that we do.

In combination, seventree is to live life with your truest spirit. To consciously walk through every door with nothing but the best regards* for yourself and all living things, while respecting nature and its glory.

seventree is a sensory experience. Indulge yourself in scenic views of splendour, sounds and music of the globe, culinary pleasures from coast to coast, and the feeling

welcome to seventree, where wellbeing is your host.

meet your voyage directors

Voyage Directors

Philippe St-Cyr

CWF | Chief Wayfinder

Think of Phil like a power smoothie; a harmonious blend of ingenuity, humanity, cordiality, and a whole lot of avocados.

At the age of 17, he sailed the southern coasts from Cuba to Connecticut, he then journeyed all over England, Southern Spain, & Morocco, where he spent over half a decade studying nutrition and human wellbeing.

We can confidently say that he is a human compass & language sponge. With his mother tongue being French, he picks up local languages in a heartbeat, just as well as being able to navigate through any secluded village or buzzing marketplace.

With Phil’s attention to the immaculate quality of food, accommodation, and experience, having him at the helm of our Voyages, you can rest assured you are in the best of caring hands and in for a sensational time of your life.

Phil is a family man who loves a lively drum circle, being a Papa, and fresh & exquisite fruits.

Philippe St-Cyr
Sjonum Awalia St-Cyr<br />

Sjonum Awalia St-Cyr

CHO | Chief Hospitality Officer
Sjonum is a dedicated and compassionate yoga teacher. She has spent almost a decade refining her practice and teaching her students, regardless of their age or ability. She has taught all over the globe; whether classes are held on a beach in Herradura, the back waters of Kerala, or in the Atlas Mountains, your time on the mat is sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

With a background in the hospitality industry, Sjonum’s expertise in guest experience will allow you to sit back and enjoy the Voyage as the details are meticulously planned out for you.

Off the mat, Sjonum is an entrepreneur and a mother of three beautiful world-class travelling children. She loves wholesome food, a good balance between work & play, and exploring the hidden gems of our beautiful Earth.

Pia Simran

CCO | Chief Culinary Officer

Pia is a dazzling member of our Voyage Directors. Multi-talented and ambitious are just a few words to describe her.

With incredible musical talent and love of all sports, she is a force to be reckoned with and sure knows how to bring the entertainment.

Behind the scenes, she never misses a beat. Whether it is waking up before the sun rises to gather the freshest fruits and vegetables from the local market, creating midday snacks en route, or preparing delectable meals for our group no matter the location, our resident Chef de Partie will definitely satisfy your palette.

Aside from being an excellent cook, Pia loves to sing, play piano, & put Dijon mustard on almost everything.

Pia Simran<br />
Jean-Baptiste Raimondi<br />

Jean-Baptiste Raimondi

CXO | Creative Experience Officer
Born and raised in Corsica, creative, passionate, and committed to exploring the world and its cultures. JB is our incredibly talented in-house film director and “CXO” (Creative Experience Officer). He is a lover of great music and good films and he enjoys worldwide gastronomy at tables filled with friends, family, and good wine. He never fails to capture the beauty of our Earthly Voyages in their truest essence to create a film that we can forever cherish. JB is our resident free-spirit, once you meet him, you have surely made a friend for life.

Siana Wenzel

CSO | Chief Souvenir Officer
If one thing is certain, you will always find Siana with a smile on her face and a camera in her hands. Siana is in charge of the Memory Department; capturing beautiful photos, documenting our Voyages, and creating soundtracks and memorabilia to last a lifetime.

At the age of 17, Siana lived in Switzerland and had the opportunity to tour Europe, learning 3 languages fluently in her time there. Aside from her duties as our Chief Souvenir Officer, you can often find Siana ensuring that all of our guests (especially the littlest ones) are thoughtfully looked after. Her attention to detail stems from her love of baking and ultra-neat handwriting.

Siana loves sweet poems, subtle puns, smooth pens, and salty peanuts.

Siana Wenzel<br />
Travel the most astonishing venues; experience the best cultural experiences; embrace the adventure; absorb nature, enrich your life with unforgettable memories.