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seventree is a family-owned business that takes pride in leading wholesome travel experiences to awaken adventure and rejuvenation from within. our goal for each voyage is to truly immerse yourself in the glory of our earth, lush nature, and exquisite culinary experiences. the seventree symphony is composed of earthly voyages, retreat centres, and wellness studios. our team of skilled voyage directors pour their heart and soul into planning luxury trips-of-a-lifetime that include yoga sessions, nutrition seminars, time in nature, and immersion in culture. open your heart to something new, join us on our travels.

upcoming voyages

Osa, Costa Rica: February 2024

Osa, Costa Rica: February 2024

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past voyages

kerala, south india

kerala, south india.

In May of 2015, we had the pleasure to lead an incredible 20-day voyage through Kerala, South India. Each day was a blissful one, filled with the freshest fruits and vegetables (most notably jackfruit & mangoes), the wildest jeep & rickshaw rides, morning yoga, road-side coconuts, and of course, cows everywhere. South India was a memorable voyage for all 25 travellers, who went home with fond memories, full bellies, new friendships, fascinating experiences, & funny stories.

costa rica

costa rica.

Our voyage through Costa Rica was breathtaking and truly rejuvenating. Our 8-day adventure was jam-packed with thrilling adventures of zip-lining through the treetops, surfing the waves of Guanacaste, and horseback riding on the beach, as well as educational experiences such as Cacao & Coffee plantations & Nutrition Seminars, and of course, revitalizing activities such as yoga on the beach, incredible massages, & exhilarating bike rides.


In October 2019, we had the wholesome opportunity to travel and experience the wonders of Morocco for 2 weeks. From the exquisite Moroccan architecture and culture in Marrakesh, to the incredible, yet indescribable experience at Richard Branson’s Kashbah, journeying through the Sahara by camel, sand surfing and star gazing, to the lush vineyards and rich history of Meknes. The air filled with aromatic street food, distant prayer calls and North-African heat were just a few of the simple pleasures while discovering Morocco.