6 travel essentials you need for vacationing during COVID-19

by | Jun 19, 2019

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, and travelling is no exception. Hand sanitizer has quickly become your new best friend, and masks are the latest fashion statement. Local cities are the hottest destinations, and day trips are your perfect stay-cation.

But wanderlust is real, and like us, you’re most likely counting down the days until you’re once again able to scrunch your toes in the hot sand, smile at a stranger as you buy fresh produce at a farmer’s market, and surround yourself with climbing mountains and luscious, green fields that travel further than your eyes can see. As parts of the world slowly but surely begin to welcome visitors back to their cities, the health and safety of everyone involved – from the tourists to the city’s residents – should be the number one priority for all travellers. Even if you’re travelling within your own country, it’s important to remain cautious and do your part to contain the spread of COVID-19. Below are all the travel essentials you’ll need for navigating a COVID-safe travel world, ensuring that you are at ease, and able to full enjoy your time away.

1. alternative transportation
If finding alternative transportation to subways, streetcars, and taxis isn’t already a part of your travelling itinerary, this is the perfect opportunity to try it out! Opting to rent bikes, vespas, or electric scooters is a great way to quickly get around while absorbing the city’s energy, discovering secret destinations you can’t find on a city-guide, and stumbling upon unplanned adventures along the way! Avoiding the more publicly used transportation is key to remaining healthy during your travels, and there may be no greater adventure than zipping down country roads on a bike or driving a vespa through cobblestone streets..

Walking is another great way to get from point A to B while simultaneously exploring the city you’re in! But you’ll need a good pair of walking shoes to make sure your feet can keep up with everywhere you’ll want to go, which is why you’ll need to invest in a good pair now! Trust us, your feet will thank you later.

2. hand sanitizer

It’s a rule of thumb that anytime you enter a new location, touch something, sneeze into your elbow (the list goes on), you should wash your hands. But when that’s not an option, your trusty bottle of hand sanitizer will do the trick. Carrying a small bottle in your backpack or purse will ease any tension you may have around travelling and will leave you feeling prepared for any situation you might be faced with!

3. rent a car
Envision this: Your favourite song is playing in the car, off of your personally made playlist full of the best songs you can think of. Your hair is fluttering through the warm wind as you’re sharing laughs, creating new memories with loved ones, and navigating through foreign streets, country roads, or driving alongside the sparkling sea. One of the most magical ways to travel is to rent a car you’ve always dreamed of driving, research the scenic roads you can take to get to your destination, and take in the gorgeous sites along the way! It may take you longer to arrive, but we promise you that it’s half of the fun. The small cities unfrequented by other travellers, picturesque villages you’ll uncover, and the phenomenal restaurants you’ll happen upon will make the journey worth it.
4. masks
Packing a face mask may seem like an obvious essential, but it is still certainly worth mentioning. Whether we like it or not, masks are here to stay for the unforeseeable future, which makes this the perfect opportunity to make them a fashion statement! The best way to incorporate them into your outfit is it buy a couple of different styles and patterns that best match your wardrobe and have fun with it! Opting for ones that are more lightweight and breathable will leave you feeling most comfortable, and don’t forget to keep a backup handy just in case you find yourself needing one. As masks are now seen as necessary in large public places, and are even considered as social etiquette, it’s important to make sure you have enough to get you through until you can wash them.
5. a locals recommended itinerary

The best way to truly take in the life-changing experience of travel and adventure is by fully immersing yourself in the culture and tradition. Though tourist hot-spots might be tempting to explore, they aren’t exactly the best go-to places to visit in these strange times. There may be no feeling greater than the serendipitous encounters you’ll come across as you travel off the beaten path to quieter and more traditional parts of a city or country. Finding yourself a local English-speaking guide is a great way to get the most out of your journey and is a great point of contact during your stay should you need anything. Just remember to be courteous about how you travel, so you can leave those cities unimpacted and healthy!

6. disinfectant wipes & spray
This one’s especially important if you’re taking public transportation – planes, trains, and automobiles included! It’s good practice to wipe and/or spray down those seats that you’ll be sitting in for a prolonged period of time (and even trying to sleep in if it’s a long journey), so don’t forget to keep a bottle in your carry on! It’s also important to use before you touch any public surface at the airport or on the plane itself. Depending on where you stay, it may be worthwhile to wipe down all the high-touch areas of your accommodations (doorknobs, light switches, kitchen cabinets, etc.) once you arrive and every so often during your stay, just to be safe!